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Top Reasons Why You Should Travel to Europe at Least Once

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel to Europe at Least Once

Europe may not be the cheapest places you can visit. But it is certainly one of the most fascinating that you need to experience at least once. From top-rated destinations like Paris or the underexplored cities like Český Krumlov in Czech Republic, Europe is brimming with glorious things to explore and discover. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to visit now.

Step back in time
Acropolis, Athens
Traveling in Europe is like stepping back in time. The continent is steeped in history. You just have to take a walk along the streets of its many cities, towns, and villages to feel like you have been transported back in time. Medieval buildings, cobblestone walkways, fortified walls, imposing and beautiful castles and palaces, and old canals are just some of the things that offer a glimpse of history.

Explore the art and culture
The Louvre
Europe is a treasure trove of all things art and culture. The wide array of museums, theatres, and libraries are simply overwhelming. Historic and stunning architecture, ancient manuscripts, the greatest artworks and masterpieces, and beautiful libraries are just some of the things art and culture lovers and the curious alike can find in European wanderings.

Getting around is a breeze
Gare de Lyon
Many European cities boast of impressive public transport system. You can get around by bus, tram, train, or bicycle. Walking is also a pleasant way to explore a city or town. Traveling to another Schengen country is likewise easy with many high-speed trains that can take you across borders in a short time.

Glorious food
Parmigiano reggiano
Europe is a place for sublime culinary adventures. The beers of Belgium and Czech Republic, the pizzas of Italy, the wines and cheeses of France, and the chorizos and meat products of Spain are just some of the tastiest reasons to make a European dream trip a reality. There are just so many food-centric adventures to choose from. Visit the vineyards and taste the wines of Bordeaux, head out to Emilia-Romagna to sample the region’s famous Parmigiano Reggiano, travel to Bruges and have some of their great-tasting beers, and indulge on sweet crepes in Paris are among the many amazing food experiences you can have when traveling around in Europe.

See the most stunning scenery
There are simply not enough words to best describe the amazing scenery you can find around Europe. Picturesque villages nestled in beautiful countryside, dramatic coastlines, majestic snow-capped mountains, serene forests and urban parks, scenic roads, and jaw-dropping fjords are a few of the wealth of stunning scenery that await travelers in this spellbinding continent.