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, it doesn't need a description, it's just amazing. https://www.proeuro.co.uk/ it could use maybe some more modern weapons and more vehicles but the weapons it does have is pretty nice. The one thing that is great about it is that its full 100 player battle royale, unlike other battle royale games PUBG has many different locations that you can turn into a Warfield, like the streets, roads, small houses, bridges, and many more areas can be fought for and the game also is about skill and the way you play so everyone can win a match no matter if your new or an old player, everyone is equal. The only problem I have is with the mobile version o PUBG has too many bots and its very easy for someone to connect a keyboard and mouse and win many games and overpower mostly everyone because of controllers and Bluetooth able devices that are able to connect to the game. Other than that, this game will always be a 5 star for me no matter what happens to it.
Pubg Mobile Pubg Mobile Reviewed by Master _gist on June 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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